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  • How do audiences of televised English football construct difference based on race/ethnicity?

    Maximilian Walder
  • One rotten apple or a rotten tree: football leaders’ perceptions of racism in European football

    Palesa Mashigo, Jacco van Sterkenburg, Teresa De la Hera, Joao Fernando Ferreira Goncalves
  • Meanings given to (super-)diversity in the Dutch national team by Dutch football commentators: A historical approach

    Gijs van Campenhout, Arne van Lienden, Jacco van Sterkenburg
  • Exploring Discourses About Race/Ethnicity in a Spanish TV Football Program

    Carmen Longas Luque, Jacco van Sterkenburg
  • Talking football: Discourses about race/ethnicity among Spanish youth

    Carmen Longas Luque, Mélodine Sommier, Jacco van Sterkenburg
  • ‘Race’, Ethnicity and Racism in Sports Coaching

    Jacco van Sterkenburg, Jim Lusted, Steven Bradbury
  • Who Counts as a Migrant Footballer? A Critical Reflection and Alternative Approach to Migrant Football Players on National Teams at the World Cup, 1930–2018

    Gijs van Campenhout, Jacco van Sterkenburg, Gijsbert Oonk
  • Making sense of race/ethnicity and gender in televised football: reception research among British students

    Rens Peeters, Jacco van Sterkenburg
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