Brazilian Sports History - Maurício Drumond & Victor Andrade de Melo


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ISBN 9781138672208

Brazilian Sports History





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Sport History is a growing field of study in Brazil. In the past decades, scholars from different areas have taken an increasing interest in studying how sports help us in understanding broader social, cultural, political and economic aspects of society. Barriers of language have often distanced Brazilian historiography from the international community which makes this volume in English especially important as a contribution to the field. In the last decade, Brazil has been on the spotlight of international sporting events and with the staging of the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games, in Rio de Janeiro, the world is focused on Brazilian sports, and this book provides a route into understanding it.

Brazilian Sports History offers a glimpse into the work of ten Brazilian leading sport historians, exploring topics as diverse as sports in 19th-century Brazil, the political aspects of sport in Brazilian authoritarian regimes, sport and environment, the image of Brazilian women and sport, sport as a Brazilian intangible cultural heritage and the importance of staging mega sporting events in Brazilian politics. This book was previously published as a special issue of the International Journal of the History of Sport.


1. Gymnastics, Hygiene and Eugenics in Brazil at the Turn of the Twentieth Century
Edivaldo Góis Junior

2. ‘We Have Persons with a Passion for Both the Sea and the Land’: The First Representations of Sport in the Brazilian Press (Rio de Janeiro; 1851 – 1855)
Victor Andrade de Melo

3. Sport and Politics in the Brazilian Estado Novo (1937 – 1945)
Maurício Drumond

4. Sport and Environment in Brazil: A Historical Overview
Cleber Dias

5. Football, Control and Resistance in the Brazilian Military Dictatorship in the 1970s
Euclides de Freitas Couto

6. Body, Eugenics and Nationalism: Women in the First Sport and Physical Education Journal Published in Brazil (1932 – 1945)
Silvana Vilodre Goellner

7. Echoes of the Tragedy: The Sport Memoir and the Representation of the 1950 World Cup
Bernardo Borges Buarque de Hollanda

8. Capoeira – a Brazilian Immaterial Heritage: Safeguarding Plans and Their Effectiveness as Public Policies
Vivian Luiz Fonseca and Luiz Renato Vieira

9. Brazil: An Emerging Power Establishing Itself in the World of International Sports Mega-Events
João Manuel Casquinha Malaia Santos

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