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Changing the Chants

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Curta metragem




25 min.


Holanda, Alemanha, Polônia


The documentary about Changing the Chants aims at presenting a multiperspective investigation on the problem of Anti-Semitism in football. Through the eyes of educators, football supporters, representatives of the institutions, researchers and professionals, the documentary explores the complexity of the problem and investigates the possibilities of a change. In a incredible trip throughout Europe, going through empty stadiums, museums and remembrance sites, including Auschwitz and Birkenau Concentration Camp, the filmmaker guides the viewer through the darkest period of our time to present how it relates to contemporary society and to raise awareness about the importance of never forgetting the importance of history and education, especially when it comes to Football, a crucial representative of our society and a unique collector of European and Global Heritage.


CHANGING THE CHANTS. Direção: Stefano Di Pietro. Holanda, Alemanha, Polônia. . HD.

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