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Cold Sweat

Título original / alternativo

Araghe Sard



Título em inglês

Araghe Sard

Formato do vídeo / especificação





88 min.


Filmiran, Noori Pictures




Based on real events, ”Cold Sweat” shows us Afrooz’s struggle against the Iranian legal system. She is the captain of Iran’s national women’s futsal team. After 11 years of effort and hard work, she achieves her dream: the team has qualified to play in the final of the Asian Games. They have to travel to Kuala Lumpur to play the match, but Afrooz is detained at the airport. Under Iranian law, no woman may leave the country without her husband’s permission, and Afrooz’s husband has used his legal right to prevent her from leaving the country. Thus begins her long, painful struggle to try to travel to Malaysia in time to play the final. Her husband, a famous television presenter from whom she had separated a year earlier, seems determined to stop her. It is difficult to know whether he is doing this to get his revenge on her for the breakup, or simply because he cannot bear Afrooz being an emancipated woman pursuing her passion and succeeding in her career as a footballer, a competitive sport mainly reserved for men. Meanwhile, Afrooz faces the reality that all her success and prowess on the court becomes impotence and helplessness in the face of laws that do not treat men and women equally.


COLD SWEAT. Direção: Soheil Beiraghi. Irã. Filmiran, Noori Pictures, 2018. HD.
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