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ISBN 9781138289932

Corruption, Mafia Power and Italian Soccer







Resumo (outro idioma)

Whilst corruption and organized crime have been widely researched, they have not yet been specifically linked to sport. Corruption, Mafia Power and Italian Soccer offers an original insight into this new research area. Adopting a psycho-social approach based mainly on Pierre Bourdieu's praxeology, the book demonstrates that corruption and the mafia presence in Italian soccer reflect the Italian socio-political and economic system itself.

Supported by interviews with security agency officials, anticorruption organisations and antimafia organisations, and analysing empirical data obtained from a case study of 'Operation Dirty Soccer', this important study explains why mafia groups are involved in soccer, what the links are to political corruption and what might be done to control the problem. It also examines the mechanisms that make it possible for mafia groups and affiliates to enter the football industry and discusses how mafia groups exploit and corrupt Italian football.

This is important reading for undergraduate and postgraduate students, researchers and academics working in the areas of sociology, criminology, policing, anthropology, the sociology of sport, sport deviance, sport management and organised crime. It is also a valuable resource for practitioners in the football industry.


1. Introduction

2. Corruption, Mafia and the Italian Power ‘Field’: A Bourdieuian Analysis

3. Scandals, the ‘Sins’ and ‘Sinners’ of Italian Soccer

4. Hidden Power: The ‘Calcio’ Mafia Style

5. ‘Ndrangheta and ‘Dirty Soccer’

6. Conclusion - Mafia and Italian Soccer: The State of the Game


TESTA, Alberto; SERGI, Anna. Corruption, Mafia Power and Italian Soccer. Oxon: Routledge, 2018.