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Ethnicity and Race in Association Football

case study analyses in Europe, Africa and the USA






Resumo (outro idioma)

The relationship between association football, race and ethnicity has received increasing levels of attention from academics and commentators throughout the world over recent years. As their national professional leagues reflect the multicultural nature of most global developed societies so the focus of sports scholars and others have been drawn to this field of enquiry and this has produced some impressive works. These have included rich examinations of such issues at the level of the nation-state and the aim of this collection is to considerably enhance this dedicated strand of academic research. Drawing upon case studies from Europe, Africa and the USA, this book offers readers an exceptional level of coverage as it scrutinises issues of race and ethnicity in a number of novel settings worldwide. It also brings together many of the leading researchers in this field and thereby offers the reader a single, dedicated reference point for much of the contemporary research work taking place throughout the world at this time.This book was published as a special issue of Soccer and Society.


HASSAN, ‎David. (Org.).Ethnicity and Race in Association Football: case study analyses in Europe, Africa and the USA. Londres: Routledge, 2017.
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