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FIFA and the “Chinese Question”, 1954-1980: an exercise of statutes

Periódico / Revista

Historical Social Research


n. 1




v. 31


p. 69-72



Mainly concentrating on FIFA internal documents the article analyses how the world football federation reacted to the People’s Republic of China’s claim to exclusive representation; this claim was a problem because the football association of the Republic of China (Taiwan) had been affiliated to FIFA in 1954. How did FIFA, despite its “one country – one association” rule, succeed to integrate permanently both Chinese football associations into its constituency? It is argued that both FIFA’s statutes and the vicissitudes in the global political setting contributed to this success. After much debate and a contemporary withdrawal in 1958 the People’s Republic rejoined FIFA in 1979/80 although they had failed in ousting Taiwan from membership.


HOMBURG, Heidrun. FIFA and the “Chinese Question”, 1954-1980: an exercise of statutes. Historical Social Research. Cologne, v. 31, n. 1, p. 69-72, 2006.
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