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ISBN 9783110721225

Football and Fascism

The Politics of Popular Culture in Portugal





De Gruyter Oldenbourg

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Football and fascism: the politics of popular culture in Portugal tells the hidden history of football and discusses its political, social and cultural foundations, during the longest running authoritarian regime in Europe. Theoretically grounded on Bourdieu’s field theory, and using a multi-scalar methodology, this award-winning research explores the political tensions between the nationalization of sports envisaged by the Portuguese “New State” and the integration of national football in a globalized urban popular culture. Mobilizing unexplored archival sources, and a wide array of primary materials, this groundbreaking work offers new insight on the administrative structures of the corporativist state, the making of an authoritarian cultural program, and the relation between state institutions and civil society. Besides broadening the scope of existing transnational histories of football, this study also puts into question the conventional geographies and political chronologies adopted in sports history.


KUMAR, Rahul. Football and Fascism: The Politics of Popular Culture in Portugal. Berlin, Boston: De Gruyter Oldenbourg, 2023.
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