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ISBN 9781136330353

Football Culture

local contests, global visions





Frank Cass Publishers


Series Editor’s Foreword, vii
J. A. Mangan

Prologue: local contests and global visions – sporting difference and international change, 1
Gerry P. T. Finn, Richard Giulianotti

1. A tale of two tribes: expressive fandon in Australian Soccer’s A-League, 10
John Hughson

2. Contextualizing suburban soccer: consumer culture, lifestyle differentiation and suburban America, 31
David L. Andrews

3. Scottish myopia and global prejudices, 54
Gerry P. T. Finn

4. Football in Cameroon: a vehicle for the expansion and contraction of identity, 100
Bea Vidacs

5. Football and fatherland: the crisis of national representation in Argentinian soccer, 118
Pablo Alabarces, Marìa Graciela Rodríguez

6. Built by the two Varelas: the rise and fall of football culture and national identity in Uruguay, 134
Richard Giulianotti

7. The production of a media epic: Germany v. Italy football matches, 155
Nicolà Porro, Pippo Russo

8. Fanatical football chants: creating and controlling the carnival, 173
Gary Armstrong, Malcolm Young

9. Soccer in Japan: Is wa all you need?, 212
John Horne

10. French football after the 1998 World Cup: the state and the modernity of football, 230
Patrick Mignon

Epilogue: Old visions, old issues – new horizonts, new openings? Change, continuity and other contradictions in World football, 256
Richard Giulianotti, Garry P. T. Finn

Select bibliography, 283

Notes on contributors, 291

Absctacts, 294

Index, 301


FINN, Gerry P. T.; GIULIANOTTI, Richard. (Orgs.).Football Culture: local contests, global visions. Nova Iorque: Frank Cass Publishers, 2000.
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