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Football cultures and identities






Palgrave Macmillan


The game of football has played a key role in shaping and cementing senses of national identity throughout the world. Aware that the game may afford a space for expressing protest, groups may attempt to harness the forces of populist nationalism. This book examines football in 18 countries.



Football in the Making, 3
Gary Armstrong and Richard Giulianotti

Part I The Old World Superpowers: Veteran Players

1 Associating with Football: Social Identity in England 1863-1998, 15
David Russell

2 Hooligans and Carnival Fans: Scottish Football Supporter Cultures, 29
Richard Giulianotti

3 The Coming of Age: the World Cup of France ’98, 41
Geoff Hare and Hugh Dauncey

4 Football Identity and Youth Culture in Germany, 52
Udo Merkel

Part II Glory and Innovation: Pre-eminent Players

5 Everything in Moderation: the Swedish Model, 67
Torbjorn Andersson and Aage Radmann

6 Post-Modern Times: Identities and Violence in Argentine Football, 77
Pablo Alabarces

7 The Brazilian Style of Football and its Dilemmas, 86
Jose Sergio Leite Lopes

Part III Waiting in the Wings: Marginal Players

8 Making the Maltese Cross: Football on a Small Island, 99
Gary Armstrong and Jon P. Mitchell

9 Beyond Edirne: Football and the National Identity Crisis in Turkey, 117
Can Kozanoglu

10 View from the Periphery: Football in Indonesia, 126
Freeh Colombijn

Part IV Contested Decisions: Disunited Players

11 The Generation Game: Football among the Baga of Guinea, 141
Ramon Sarro

12 The Territorial Politics of Soccer in Northern Ireland, 153
Alan Bairner and Peter Shirlow

13 Team Selection and the Chosen People in Israel: the Case of Hapoel Taibeh, 164
Yoram S. Carmeli and Iris Bar

14 From Ends to Trenches, and Back: Football in the Former Yugoslavia, 176
Srdjan Vrcan and Drazen Lalic

Part V New Tactics: Contemporary Players

15 Bhola Lethu: Football in Urban South Africa, 189
John Nauright

16 No Longer Worlds Apart? British Influences in Norwegian Football, 201
Matti Goks0yr and Hans Hognestad

17 The Suburban Soccer Field: Sport and America’s Culture of Privilege, 211
Detlev Zwick and David L. Andrews

18 The Japanese Dream: Soccer Culture towards the New Millennium, 223
Haruo Nogawa and Hiroko Mae da

References, 234

Index, 251


ARMSTRONG, Gary; GIULIANOTTI, Richard. (Orgs.). Football cultures and identities. Hampshire: Palgrave Macmillan, 1999.
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