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ISBN 9781349484058

Identity Discourses and Communities in International Events, Festivals and Spectacles






Palgrave Macmillan UK

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This collection focuses on the multi-layered links between international events and identity discourses. With a unique line-up of international scholars, this book offers a diverse range of exciting case studies, including sports competitions, music festivals, exhibitions, fashion shows and royal celebrations.


Making Sense of Identity Discourses in International Events, Festivals and Spectacles, 3
Udo Merkel

Il Calcio as a Source of Local and Social Identity in Italy, 37
Mark Doidge

The Contestation of Identities and Communities in German Football, 54
Udo Merkel

Contemporary Images and Identities in the Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival, 75
Brian Bridges (et al.)

London 2012: Urban Imagery and City Branding, 96
Adam Jones

Royal Celebrations in the Twenty-First Century: ‘Cool Britannia’ versus ‘Britannia Ruled the Waves’, 116
Beth Mudford

Identity Discourses and Narratives in North Korean Events, Festivals and Celebrations, 135
Udo Merkel (et al.)

China and the World Fairs (1915–2010): Blending Nationalism and Internationalism, 153
Lu Zhouxiang

Promoting ‘European’ Identities at and through Pan-European Events, 173
Jayne Luscombe

Celebrating Muhammad’s Birthday in the Middle East: Supporting or Complicating Muslim Identity Projects?, 192
Andrea L. Stanton

Pride and Glamour on the Catwalk: Fashion Models as National and Ethnic Icons, 207
Patrícia Soley-Beltran

Participating in the World ‘Gymnastics For All’ Festival, the Gymnaestrada: A Celebration of a Dialogical, Episodic-Perpetual Identity, 227
Angela Wichmann

‘One But Not the Same’: U2 Concerts, Community and Cultural Identity, 242
Michael Williams


MERKEL, Udo. (Org.). Identity Discourses and Communities in International Events, Festivals and Spectacles. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan UK, 2015.

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