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ISBN 9783030873752

Lesbian, Gay, and Transgender Athletes in Latin America






Palgrave MacMillan

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This edited volume draws upon work from a wide range of established and emerging international scholars to provide an interdisciplinary analysis of sport’s complex relationship with masculinity. With a particular focus on Latin America, it examines the changing relationship between a range of contemporary sport and sexuality and gender expression, as related to lesbian, gay and/or trans athletes. Experts from Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, and Colombia provide historical, sociological and anthropological perspectives on heteronormativity, masculinity, gender identity, sexual orientation, and the gender binary as they relate to sports clubs, Mexican martial arts, football, softball, sports media, games, and physical education. It will be invaluable to scholars and students in the fields of Gender Studies, Queer Studies, Sports Studies, and Men’s Studies.


About the Contributors

Chapter 1 Introduction: Shifting Research Accounts on Sexual and Gender Minority Athletes
Eric Anderson and Joaquín Piedra

Part I: Historical and Sociological Perspectives

Chapter 2 LGBT sport clubs: Origin and historical changes in Spain and Latin America, by Joan Miró & Joaquín Piedra

Chapter 3 Coming Out of the Closet: A Description of LGBT Research on Sports in Brazil, by Vinnicius Laurindo & Mariana Zuaneti Martins

Chapter 4 Homohysteria, cultural change, and ‘pseudo-inclusivity’: An analysis of attitudes toward sexual diversity, by Joaquín Piedra, Rafael Garcia-Perez, & Alex Channon

Part II: Sexual Orientation and Sports

Chapter 5 Conceptualising Sexuality through the Mexican Martial Art of Xilam, by George Jennings

Chapter 6 Discrimination, feeling of discomfort and prejudice in Mexican sport, according to sex and sexual orientation, by Oswaldo Ceballos, Jeanette M. López-Walle, Rosa E. Medina-Rodríguez, José L. Tristán-Rodríguez, & Luis T. Ródenas-Cuenca

Chapter 7 More than a man: Richarlyson, ambiguous and non-orthodox masculinities in South American football, by Jorge Knijnik

Chapter 8 Policy and practice of LGBT persons’ sport participation in Colombia, by Angélica Sáenz-Macana, Javier Gil-Quintana, Sofía Pereira-García, & José Devís-Devís

Part III: Transgender Issues and Sports

Chapter 9 Trans masculinities on the Sport courts of Brazil, “the country of football” by Julian Pegoraro Silvestrin & Alexandre Fernandez Vaz

Chapter 10 Educational trajectories and participation of transgender women in sports in Argentina, by Magalí Perez-Riedel & Pablo A. Scharagrodsky


PIEDRA, Joaquín; ANDERSON, Eric. (Eds.). Lesbian, Gay, and Transgender Athletes in Latin America. London: Palgrave MacMillan, 2021.
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