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ISBN 9780714653525

Soccer and Disaster

causes, responses, legacies and lessons







The word disaster is much used in the world of soccer – conceding a penalty, a sending off, an untimely defeat. Comparing these with real life disasters puts things into perspective and the results of the games become insignificant. Soccer is not more important than life or death!

For the first time, real life tragedies in the world of soccer are explored in one volume. From the loss of life of talented young players in the Munich and Zambian air disasters to fatal overcrowding at Hillsborough and Moscow. During the history of the game, fans and players alike have been the victims of negligence, complacency and misfortune. The causes, consequences and legacies of these and other disasters are examined in this book that reveals frightening parallels and important lessons.

A powerful book suitable for students of sociology, sports studies and social history.

This volume was previously published as a special issue of the journal Sport in the Global Society.


1. ‘Heads in the Sand’: Football, politics and crowd disaster
M Johnes

2. The Hillsborough Disaster
P Straton

3. The Heysel Stadium Disaster from the Perspective of Juventus
F Chisari

4. The Moscow Soccer Disaster 1982

5. The 1923 Wembley FA Cup Final
J Hill

6. The Ellis Park Stadium Disaster
P Alegi

7. The Ibrox Disaster of 1971
G Walker

8. The 1958 Munich Air Disaster
G Mellor

9. Superga’s Disaster: Torino 1949
P Dietschy

10. The Alianza Disaster 1987
A Panfichi

11. The Zambian Air Disaster 1993
P Darby

12. The Kayseri Vs Sivas Soccer Disaster
Y Akin


DARBY, Paul; MELLOR, Gavin. Soccer and Disaster: causes, responses, legacies and lessons. Londres: Routledge, 2005.