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Sociology of Sport






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With no competing works in the field, Sociology of Sport, a four-volume text, focuses on what has become a large subdiscipline within the fields of sociology and sport studies. The timely and comprehensive collection draws upon anthropology, cultural studies, education, history, human geography, media studies, political science and social policy to capture the theoretical, substantive and transnational diversity of the sociology of sport. A mixture of classic papers and contemporary issues and debates, this major work examines the range of theoretical standpoints that have been used to explain sport; social conflicts and divisions within the field; cultural identities and social sites; and, the diverse influence of globalization processes upon sport. Volume 1: Core Theories and Perspectives on Sport Volume 2: Social Divisions and Conflicts in Sport Volume 3: Social Identities and Sites of Sport Volume 4: Sport and Globalization


The Structure and Classification of Games
R. Caillois
The Interdependence of Sport and Culture
G. Luschen
The Autonomy of Modern Sport: Dangerous and Endangered
U. Schimank
Sport as Ritual: Interpretations from Durkheim to Goffman
S. Birrell
Deep Play: Notes on the Balinese Cockfight
C. Geertz
Identity Reinforcement in Sport: Revisiting the Symbolic Interactionist Legacy
O. Weiss
From Ritual to Record
A. Guttmann
Sport: A Prison of Measured Time
J-M. Brohm
Sport and Cultural Reification
J. Alt
Sport Without Guarantees: Toward a Cultural Studies That Matters
D.L. Andrews and M.D. Giardina
Social Criticism as Moral Criticism: A Habermasian Take on Sports
W.J. Morgan
Sport and Social Class
P. Bourdieu
An Essay on Sport and Violence’ in The Quest for Excitement: Sport and Leisure in the Civilizing Process
N. Elias
Gender on the Sports Agenda
J. Hargreaves
The Myth of Black Sports Supremacy
G.A. Sailes
The Postmodern Ballpark as a Leisure Setting: Enchantment and Simulated De-McDonaldization
G. Ritzer and T. Stillman
The Technologies of the Self: Sport, Feminism and Foucault
P. Markula
The Mirror of Terrorism
J. Baudrillard
Social Class, Young People, Sport and Physical Education
K. Roberts, K. Green and A. Smith

The Paradox of Social Class and Sports Involvement: The Roles of Cultural and Economic Capital
T.C. Wilson

The “New” Corporate Habitus in Adventure Racing
J. Kay and S. Laberge

Women in Sport: Gender Relations and Future Perspectives
G. Pfister

Multiple Bodies: Sportswomen, Soccer and Sexuality
B. Cox and S. Thompson

Culture, Gender Roles and Sport: The Case of Korean Players on the LPGA Tour
E.H. Shin and E.A. Nam

An Iron Man: The Body and Some Contradictions of Hegemonic Masculinity
R.W. Connell

Social Justice and Mens Interests: The Case of Title IX
M.A. Messner and N.M. Solomon

Openly Gay Athletes: Contesting Hegemonic Masculinity in a Homophobic Environment
E. Anderson

From Straight to Gaie? Quebec Sportswomens Discursive Constructions of Sexuality and Destabilization of the Linear Coming Out Process
B. Ravel and G. Raile

On the Moral Economy of Racism and Racist Rationalizations in Sport
J.A. Long and M.J. McNamee

A Theory of the Preferred Worker: A Structural Explanation for Black Male Dominance in Basketball
S.N. Brooks and M.A. McKail

Islam’s View on Physical Activity and Sport: Egyptian Women Interpreting Islam
K. Walseth and K. Fasting

The Nonsense of Native American Sport Imagery: Reclaiming a Past that Never Was
M.A. Robidoux

Whores, Slaves and Stallions: Languages of Exploitation and Accommodation among Boxers
L.J.D. Wacquant

Men, Spinal Cord Injury, Memories and the Narrative Performance of Pain
A.C. Sparkes and B. Smith

Adding Insult to Injury: Workplace Injury in English Professional Football
M.J. Roderick

Coaches, Sexual Harassment and Education
K. Fasting and C. Brackenridge

Reservoir Dogs: Greyhound Racing, Mimesis and Sports-Related Violence
M. Atkinson and K. Young
In the Gym: Motives, Meaning and Moral Careers
N. Crossley

Situated Learning in an Australian Surf Club
R. Light

Sport and Social Capital
O. Seippel

Sense and Sensibility at the Ball Park: What Japanese Fans Make of Professional Baseball
W.W. Kelly

False Leeds: The Construction of Hooligan Confrontations
G. Armstrong

Supporters, Followers, Fans and Flaneurs: A Taxonomy of Spectator Identities in Football
R. Giulianotti

The Body as Culture: The Case of the Sumo Wrestler
S.H. Whang

Playing Football and Dancing Tango: Embodying Argentina in Movement, Style and Identity
E. Archetti

Traversing the Matrix: Cyborg Athletes, Technology, and the Environment
T.M. Butryn and M.A. Masucci

Civil Rights, Doping Control and the World Anti-doping Code
B. Houlihan

Negotiating Identities Through Disability Sport
H. Chin-Ju and I. Brittain

Edgework: A Social Psychological Analysis of Voluntary Risk Taking
S. Lyng

Living on the Edge: The Appeal of Risk Sports for the Professional Middle Class
R. Fletcher

Sensing the Stadium
C. Gaffney and J. Bale

On the Waterfront: Retrospectives on the Relationship Between Sport and Communities
J.M. Smith and A.G. Ingham

Sport and Economic Regeneration in Cities
C. Gratton, S. Shibli and R. Coleman

Culture, Sport and the Night-Time Economy
D. Rowe

David Beckham and the Changing (Re)Presentations of English Identity
J. Harris and B. Clayton

Cathy Freeman: The Quest for Australian Identity
C. Hallinan and T. Bruce

Mapping the Mythical: A Geopolitics of National Sporting Stereotypes
H O’Donnell

Fantasy Football Hooliganism in Popular Media
E. Poulton
Cross-National Cultural Diffusion: The Global Spread of Cricket

J. Kaufman and O. Patterson
Playing with Modernity: The Decolonization of Indian Cricket

A. Appadurai
Transformations in National Identity through Football in Brazil: Lessons from Two Historical Defeats
J.S. Leite Lopes

How to Influence National Pride? The Olympic Medal Index as a Unifying Narrative
I. Van Hilvoorde, A. Elling and R. Stokvis

Sport, Tribes and Technology: The New Zealand All Blacks’ Haka and the Politics of Identity
S.J. Jackson and B. Hokuwhitu

The Whole World Isn’t Watching (But We Thought They Were): The Superbowl and United States Solipsism
C.R. Martin and J.L. Reeves

A Brief Overview of the Olympic System
J-L. Chappelet and B. Kubler-Mabbott

Power and Resistance in the Governance of World Football: Theorizing FIFAs Transnational Impact
J. Sugden and A. Tomlinson

Globetrotters and Local Heroes? Labour Migration, Basketball, and Local Identities
M. Falcous and J.A. Maguire

Have Skates, Will Travel: Canada, International Hockey, and the Changing Hockey Labour Market
H. Cantelon

Globalization, Naturalization and Identity: The Case of Borderless Elite Athletes in Japan
N. Chiba, O. Ebihara and S. Morino

The Glocalization of US Sports in South Korea
Y. Cho

The Globalization of Football: A Study in the Globalization of the “Serious Life”
R. Giulianotti and R. Robertson

Policy Transfer and Learning from the West: Elite Basketball Development in the Peoples Republic of China
B. Houlihan, T-C. Tan and M. Green

Human Rights in Sports
B. Kidd and P. Donnelly

Power, Politics and “Sport for Development and Peace”: Investigating the Utility of Sport for International Development
S. Darnell

Alterglobalization, Global Social Movements, and the Possibility of Political Transformation through Sport
J. Harvey, J.D. Horne and P. Safai

Mega-Events and Modernity Revisited: Globalization and the Case of the Olympics
M. Roche

Scripting the Nation: Sport, Mega-Events, Foreign Policy and State-Building in Post-Apartheid South Africa
S. Cornelissen

Making the World Safe for Global Capital: the Sydney 2000 Olympics and beyond
H.J. Lenskyj


GIULIANOTTI, Richard. (Org.). Sociology of Sport. Nova Iorque: Sage Publications, 2011.
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