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ISBN 9780203392812

Sport, Racism and Ethnicity






Introduction: Sport, Racism and Ethnicity, 1
Grant Jarvie

1 Cricket, Carnival and Street Culture in the Caribbean, 5
Richard D.E.Burton

2 Sport, Schooling and Asian Male Youth Culture, 23
Scott Fleming

3 Sport, Racism and Young Women, 44
Tessa Lovell

4 Sport Festivals and Race Relations in the Northwest Territories of Canada, 56
Vicky Paraschak

5 Sport, Racism and British Society: A Sociological Study of England’s Élite Male Afro/Caribbean Soccer and Rugby Union Players, 71
Joe Maguire

6 Athletics and Academics: Contrary or Complementary Activities?, 95
Othello Harris

7 Sport and the Black Experience, 119
Jose Parry and Noel Parry

8 Sport, Popular Struggle and South African Culture, 138
Grant Jarvie

Notes on Contributors, 149

Author Index, 151

Subject Index, 155


JARVIE, Grant. (Org.). Sport, Racism and Ethnicity. London: 1991.
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