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ISBN 9781851587933

The End

80 Years of Life on the Terraces





Mainstream Publishing

Resumo (outro idioma)

The End is a story that has never been told before and, as the era of an all-seater Premier League dawns, it won’t be told again. The End is an oral history of Arsenal’s famous North Bank terrace from which generations of supporters have cheered and bemoaned the fortunes of one of the world’s most famous football teams. Eighty years of history – football of course, but the stories, too, of families and friends, fights and passions, heroes and villains, the best and worst of the Great Saturday Afternoon Adventure – is told in the words of the fans who have breathed passionate (and economic) life into Highbury since before the First World War.


WATT, Tom. The End: 80 Years of Life on the Terraces. Edinburgh: Mainstream Publishing, 1995.

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