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ISBN 9783319787763

The Palgrave International Handbook of Football and Politics






Palgrave Macmillan


This Handbook offers an analysis of the relation between football and politics, based on over 30 case studies covering five continents. It provides a detailed picture of this relation in a wide number of European, American, African, and Asian states, as well as a comparative assessment of football in a global perspective, thus combining the general and the local. It examines themes such as the political origins of football in the studied country, the historical club rivalries, the political aspects of football as a sports spectacle, and the contemporary issues linked to the political use of football. By following the same structure with each study, the volume allows for the comparison between largely investigated cases and cases that have seldom been addressed. The Handbook will be of use particularly to students and scholars in the fields of sport studies, political science and sociology, as well as cultural studies, anthropology and leisure studies.


Part I Introduction

Football and Politics: Between the Local and the Global, 3
Ramón Spaaij, Jean-Michel De Waele, Suzan Gibril and Ekaterina Gloriozova

Part II Western Europe

Belgium, 21
Jean-Michel De Waele and Grégory Sterck

France, 39
David Ranc and Nicolas Hourcade

Germany, 61
Albrecht Sonntag

Greece and Cyprus, 85
Christos Kassimeris

Italy, 105
Fabien Archambault

Spain, 125
Carles Viñas

Sweden, 139
Aage Radmann and Torbjörn Andersson

Switzerland, 163
Thomas Busset and Christian Koller

United Kingdom, 181
Matthew Taylor

Part III Eastern Europe

Croatia, 205
Loïc Tregoures

Poland, 223
Wojciech Woźniak

Romania, 245
Florin Faje

Russia, 265
Ekaterina Gloriozova

Serbia, 287
Richard Mills

Ukraine, 311
Olga Ruzhelnyk

Part IV Africa and Middle East

Algeria, 329
Mahfoud Amara and Youcef Bouandel

Egypt, 347
Suzan Gibril

Israel, 369
Yair Galily and Tal Samuel-Azran

Ivory Coast, 385
Daniel Künzler

Nigeria, 403
Chuka Onwumechili, Totty O. Totty and Leelannee Malin

South Africa, 423
Gustav Venter

Zimbabwe, 447
Manase Kudzai Chiweshe

Part V Americas

Argentina, 469
Pablo Alabarces, José Garriga Zucal, Verónica Moreira,
Gabriela Garton and María Nemesia Hijós

Brazil, 485
Rosana Da Câmara Teixeira and Bernardo Buarque de Hollanda

Mexico, 505
Sergio Varela

United States, 531
Charles Parrish and Jamee Pelcher

Uruguay, 557
Lincoln Bizzozero Revelez

Part VI Asia and Oceania

Australia, 579
Roy Hay and Ian Syson

Indonesia, 603
Kausik Bandyopadhyay

India, 623
Andy Fuller

Japan, 639
John Horne and Wolfram Manzenreiter

Turkey, 659
Dağhan Irak and Jean-François Polo

Index, 677


WAELE, Jean-Michel De; GIBRIL, Suzan; GLORIOZOVA, Ekaterina; SPAAIJ, Ramón. (Orgs.). The Palgrave International Handbook of Football and Politics. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2018.
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