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The Rio 2016 Olympic Games. A glance from the lens of academics and spectators


n. 1




v. 14


p. 57-74



The modern Olympic Games, recovered by Coubertin, have been constituted in the last century as the most important mega-sport event, due to its social, political and economic issues. Through words of Olivera, these are considered as cultural heritage of the humanity. The diverse postures of sports scholars were focused in Rio Olympics 2016, and analyzed them from different perspectives including: the political implications in Brazil; participation of the media in its international dissemination; the immutable presence of the Olympic spirit, very much in spite of the well-known “lords of the rings”; the negative influence of professional sports over amateur sports, including dilemmatic discussions about sports improvement -which aims to bring the performance of athletes- “…to infinity and beyond…”. This article is based on an academic position, under the spectator perspective.  at Rio 2016 Olympics.

Keywords: Rio 2016 Olympic Games; Olympic spirit; economic and social issues; Legacy; sport spectacle.


CUARTAS, Luz Amelia Hoyos. The Rio 2016 Olympic Games. A glance from the lens of academics and spectators. The Journal of the Latin American Socio-cultural Studies of Sport (ALESDE). Curitiba, v. 14, n. 1, p. 57-74, 2022.
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