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ISBN 9783031091261

Women’s Football in Latin America

Social Challenges and Historical Perspectives Vol 2. Hispanic Countries



Palgrave MacMillan



The chapters in the Women’s Football in Latin America two volumes will look at the social and historical means of the embodied representation of gender differences that has been deeply embedded in the history of Latin American women and football. The authors identify and analyse how, in a range of ways, Latin American women have found in-between spaces, amid severe macho structures, to establish and play their football. As a result, the book will be of interest to researchers and students of sport sociology, football studies, gender studies, comparative sports studies, sports history, and Latin American sporting culture.

The second volume of this edited collection integrates a range of high-quality studies on women’s football across Latin American countries to a global readership. From studies with marginalized communities, football fans but also the media and professional women’s footballers, the chapters show how fútbol has been a key part of oppressive gender structures, and ways that women have fought for gender equity within this key cultural expression in Latin America. The book also suggests a fascinating research and activist agenda for women’s football in the continent for the next decades.


1 Introduction, 1
Jorge Knijnik and Gabriela Garton

Part I Football: Te Final Feminist Battleground in Latin America, 9

2 No nos callamos más: A Turning Point in Women’s Football and Women’s Rights in Argentina, 11
Gabriela Garton, Nemesia Hijós, and Verónica Moreira

3 ‘Our football is joy, it’s dissident, and it’s feminist!’: La Coordinadora Sin Fronteras de Fútbol Feminista and Women’s Fight for the Right to Football in Argentina, 35
Matthew Hawkins and Julia Hang

4 Another ‘barra’ Is Possible: Women, Feminism and ‘barras’ in Mexico, 55
Claudia Pedraza Bucio

5 La Nuestra Fútbol Feminista: A Social Experimentation and Learning Territory, 77
Enriqueta Tato, Jimena Aon, Juliana Roman Lozano, Maria Belén Bramanti, María José Figueroa, Mónica Santino, and Paula Korsakas

Part II Mujeres Futbolistas: Experiences and Achievements, 95

6 Power, Policy and Priorities: Te Experiences of Colombian Women Playing Football, 97
Sophie Legros, Sarah Oxford, and Ana Margarita Salas de la Hoz

7 Bolivian Women as Professional Footballers: Te Voices and the Feminism of the karimachus, 115
Eliana Aguilar Aguilar and Ana Alcazár-Campos

8 Socio-Political Dynamic of Women’s Participation in Football in Venezuela, 131
Rosa López de D’Amico and Lesbia Verenzuela

9 Invisible Champions: An Ethnography of Peruvian Women’s Football, 147
Mark Biram

10 Mexican Women and Academics Playing Football, 165
Ciria Margarita Salazar, Isela Guadalupe Ramos Carranza, and Emilio Gerzaín Manzo Lozano

11 Football and Gender in Chile: Impact of the 2008 FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup on the Participation of Chilean Women in the Sport, 187
Miguel Cornejo Amestica, Carlos Matus Castillo, and Carolina Paz Cabello Escudero

Part III Latin American Conversations: Pasado, Presente y Futuro, 209

12 ‘Femina sana in corpore sano’ (As long as they don’t play football): Football and Womanhood in the 1920s’ Argentine Capital, 211
Pablo Ariel Scharagrodsky and Magalí Peréz Riedel

13 Transgression and Resistance: An Approach to Mexican Women’s Football History through the Case of Alicia Vargas (1970–1991), 231
Giovanni Alejandro Pérez Uriarte

14 An Oral History of Women’s Football in Colombia: Building Tools for Collective Action, 247
Gabriela Ardila Biela

15 Has Latin America’s Title IX Arrived? Impact of the CONMEBOL Institutional Incentive Regulations on South American Football, 269
Fernando Augusto Starepravo, Giovanna Xavier de Moura, and Felipe Canan

16 ‘Si nos permiten jugar’: Constructing a Feminist Football in Latin America, 289
Jorge Knijnik and Gabriela Garton

Index, 303


KNIJNIK, Jorge Dorfman; GARTON, Gabriela. (Eds.).Women’s Football in Latin America: Social Challenges and Historical Perspectives Vol 2. Hispanic Countries. Cham: Palgrave MacMillan, 2022.
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