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ISBN 9783030754006

2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup

Media, Fandom, and Soccer’s Biggest Stage





Palgrave MacMillan

Resumo (outro idioma)

This book examines the most prolific international women’s football tournament—the FIFA Women’s World Cup—through media, fandom and how mediated women’s soccer can improve on a global scale. Women’s soccer has exploded in terms of media exposure, television audiences and live spectatorship. This book explores those macro-level issues, while also digging into micro-level topics such as Megan Rapinoe’s celebrations and political activism, VAR reviews, LGBTQ imagery, and cultural obstacles for women’s football in Central-Eastern Europe and Nigeria. Using an interdisciplinary approach, scholars look at issues through the lenses of feminist theory, cultural studies, rhetorical criticism, political economy, performative sport fandom, autoethnography, and more. Thus, the book is important reading for students, researchers and media practitioners with interests in women’s soccer, gender in sports media, coverage of women’s sport, and sport fandom.


YANITY, Molly; COOMBS, Danielle Sarver. (Orgs.).2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup: Media, Fandom, and Soccer’s Biggest Stage. London: Palgrave MacMillan, 2021.

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