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ISBN 9783034319836

Building Europe with the ball

turning points in the Europeanization of Football, 1905-1995





Peter Lang AG

Resumo (outro idioma)

Since 1990, football history has become increasingly important within the field of sport science, yet few studies have centred on the Europeanization of the game from the interwar period onwards. This period saw the creation of a sovereign institution dedicated to European football, the establishment of specific rules about players’ transfers and contracts and, in particular, the development of competitions.

This book examines the development of European football between 1905 and 1995 from a transnational perspective. It offers a space for discussion to both early-career and established historians from a range of different countries, leading to a better understanding of the crucial turning points in the Europeanization of the game. The volume aims to promote valuable new reflections on the role of football in the European integration process.


VONNARD, Philippe; QUIN, Grégory; BANCEL, Nicolas. (Orgs.).Building Europe with the ball: turning points in the Europeanization of Football, 1905-1995. Berna: Peter Lang AG, 2016.

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