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ISBN 9781925914047

Dedicated Lives

Stories of Pioneers of Women's Football in Australia





Fair Play Publishing

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The Matildas are now one of the most beloved national teams in Australia. But who were the women and men who helped build and develop the women’s game locally?

Academic and author Greg Downes profiles 18 people – some well-known in the football fraternity, others not so well-known – who have made contributions, big and small, to help make the women’s game what it is today. Dedicated Lives is a living history to be treasured.

Based on his PhD dissertation, Greg has talked with, and interviewed, the individuals at length about what brought them into football and, importantly, what has kept them in it.

At a time when women’s football is riding as high as its ever been in Australia, and with co-hosting responsibilities for the 2023 Women’s World Cup around the corner, Dedicated Lives is a must-read for anyone interested in football history, women’s football, or women’s sport fighting and winning against the odds generally.

It reminds all of us that “from little things, big things grow” (Paul Kelly); and that every small action, initiative or point of advocacy can contribute to the bigger picture of change and advancement. 


DOWNES, Greg. Dedicated Lives: Stories of Pioneers of Women's Football in Australia. Sydney: Fair Play Publishing, 2021.