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ISBN 9780230274266

Football Economics and Policy






Palgrave MacMillan


The English Football Industry, Profit, Performance and Industrial Structure, 1
Stefan Szymanski, Ron Smith

The Market for Soccer Players in England after Bosman: Winners and Losers, 27
Stefan Szymanski

The Americanization of European Football, 52
Thomas Hoehn, Stefan Szymanski

Hearts and Minds and Restrictive Practices Court, 97
Stefan Szymanski

Case Broadcasting, Attendance and the Inefficiency of Cartels, 112
David Forrest, Rob Simmons, Stefan Szymanski

A Market Test for Discrimination in the English Professional Soccer Leagues, 136
Stefan Szymanski

The financial crisis in European Football: An Introduction, 151
Umberto Lago, Rob Simmons, Stefan Szymanski

English Football, 162
Babatunde Buraimo, Rob Simmons, Stefan Szymanski

Income Inequality, Competitive Balance and the Attractiveness of Team Sports: Some Evidence and a Natural Experiment from English Soccer, 182
Stefan Szymanski

The Champions League and the Coase Theorem, 202
Stefan Szymanski

The Economic Impact of the World Cup 2002, 226
Stefan Szymanski


SZYMANSKI, Stefan. (Ed.).  Football Economics and Policy. New York: Palgrave MacMillan, 2010.
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