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Cultures, Commerce, Media, Politics

Forced migration and sport: an introduction

Periódico / Revista

Sport in Society


n. 3




v. 25


Cultures, Commerce, Media, Politics


p. 405-417



In introducing the Sport in Society special issue, this paper aims to extend and deepen conversations among scholars, policy makers and practitioners about the role of sport in relation to contexts and issues of forced migration. The five themes that cut across the contributions to this special issue address and expand existing and emerging concerns in the literature, specifically focusing on: 1) participatory methodologies, power, voice and ethics; 2) emotions and embodiment; 3) gendered, socio-ecological and intersectional perspectives; 4) critical perspectives on integration and intercultural communication; and 5) fandom and media representations of forced migrants in elite sport. Often contributing to several of these themes at once, the papers in this special issue critically analyse and interrogate the implications of existing approaches, practices, and research around sport and forced migration. They do so by engaging with complex, yet necessary, dialogues and perspectives that cross disciplinary boundaries, and by not shying away from conceptual and ethical tensions that interrogate concepts, methodologies, policies and forms of representation regarding forced migrants’ experiences and contributions to global sporting cultures. While not (cl)aiming to exhaustively address the wide variety of issues and contexts that are relevant to the relationship between sport and forced migration, the papers in this special issue provide key contributions to advance critical scholarly analyses and inform applied interventions on the ground.

KEYWORDS: Forced migration; asylum seekers; refugees; sport; sport for development


SPAAIJ, Ramón; LUGUETTI, Carla; UGOLOTTI, Nicola De Martini. Forced migration and sport: an introduction. Sport in Society. London, v. 25, n. 3, p. 405-417, 2022.
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