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‘Inclusivity for who’?: An analysis of ‘race’ and female fandom at the 2022 UEFA European Women’s Championships



This article explores the experiences and identities of minority ethnic women at the UEFA Women’s Euros (UWE) held in England in 2022. It does so at a time when women sports fans have become more visible in the historically male-dominated environs of football fandom, particularly in the United Kingdom (UK), and when questions of ‘race’, ethnicity and gender are longstanding, contested elements of British culture and society. Through a Black feminist thought methodology allied to critical race theory principles, the study contributes an essential intersectional account of minority ethnic women’s sports fandom experiences at a major international event. The findings confirm that the growth of women’s football in the UK, motivated minority ethnic women to attend the UWE. However, the current visibility and inclusivity of professional women’s football demonstrates a lack of diversity and cultural sensitivity, which often inhibits minority ethnic women from presenting their identities to further engage with and support the game’s growth.

Keywords: fandom, football, gender, identity, ‘race’


LESLIE-WALKER, Anika; TAYLOR, Katie; RUSSELL, Esther Jones. ‘Inclusivity for who’?: An analysis of ‘race’ and female fandom at the 2022 UEFA European Women’s Championships. International Review for the Sociology of Sport. London, v. 58, n. 7, 2023.