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ISSN 1743-9035

‘Not Merely an Isolated Game’: Women’s Association Football in Australia


n. 18




v. 32


p. 2150–2170



Australia has participated in the world-wide growth of women’s football particularly since the 1970s, but long before that the game was played recreationally and competitively by women in Australia. Women have struggled to overcome active opposition to their taking part in the sport and neglect of their achievements which are considerable. This article provides an outline of the history of the game both nationally and in its international context. It also tries to capture the experience of some of the pioneers of the women’s game and its modern practitioners, revealing some of the ways in which overt and covert discrimination still hinders recognition of their achievements.
Keywords: Women’s football, women’s soccer, history of football, history of soccer, Australian sports history


DOWNES, Greg; SYSON, Ian; HAY, Roy. ‘Not Merely an Isolated Game’: Women’s Association Football in Australia. The International Journal of the History of Sport. v. 32, n. 18, p. 2150–2170, 2015.
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