Richard Giulianotti

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  • Football, Violence and Social Identity

    Richard Giulianotti, Norman Bonney, Mike Hepworth
  • Career consolidation or reformulation? A careership theory approach to football coaches’ transnational migration and career development

    Ce Guo, Richard Giulianotti, Minhyeok Tak
  • Alcohol consumption among UK football supporters: Investigating the contested field of the football carnivalesque

    Comille Tapiwa Bandura, Richard Giulianotti, Jack G. Martin, Angus Bancroft, Kate Hunt, Richard I. Purves
  • ‘Refugee footballers’: A socioecological exploration of forced migrants in the Italian and German elite football system

    Alessio Norrito, Richard Giulianotti, Carolynne Mason, Enrico Michelini
  • Fútbol, Globalización y Glocalización

    Roland Robertson, Richard Giulianotti
  • Football cultures and identities

    Gary Armstrong, Richard Giulianotti
  • Games without frontiers

    John Williams, Richard Giulianotti
  • Sociology of Sport

    Richard Giulianotti
  • Globalization and Sport

    Richard Giulianotti, Roland Robertson
  • Routledge Handbook of the Sociology of Sport

    Richard Giulianotti
  • Fear and loathing in world football

    Gary Armstrong, Richard Giulianotti
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